How to Choose Best Bhutan Travel & Tour Agency in 2017?

Only Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivian nationals are eligible for visa on arrival when travelling to Bhutan; all other nationalities have to come through a licensed and registered travel agency to visit Bhutan, particularly if on a holiday trip.

In other words it is not possible to just fly or drive into Bhutan if you are visiting from some distant shore on the other side of the planet.

This means that you will need to get in touch with a local Bhutanese tour operator. But how would you choose a Bhutan tour & travel company/agency that is credible and reliable and has a reputation for delivering high quality services?

Bhutan started tourism in the 70s as a government run enterprise and the first tourist arrived in 1974. In the early 90s, the government liberalised the industry and private operators began opening travel companies.

Today, there are several hundred travel agents handling more than 50,000 third country tourists annually and another 50,000 regional tourists.

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The Tourism Council of Bhutan, an autonomous government agency, functions as a regulator to ensure that tour companies deliver the basic minimum services required of a tour operator and that tourists are not conned.

The tour operators themselves have an association known as ABTO (association of Bhutanese tour operators) that functions as a lobby group to bring changes and improvements to the industry and take up industry related issues with the government.

So make sure that the tour company you choose to come through is a registered with the Tourism Council of Bhutan as a legal and registered tour operator. Some companies that are licensed do get struck off, in rare cases, for operations that might have jeopardised the industry as a whole.

You can do this by going to the Tourism Council Bhutan Website or shooting off an email to the Council. Next, also check to see whether your chosen agent is a member of ABTO. This further authenticates the credibility of your agent as a legal entity in Bhutan.

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Generally speaking most tour agents have travelling with bokar pvt. ltd. around bhutan who market Bhutan hiking & trekking packages as a destination so issues of a fake company should not arise but there is no harm in doing a basic check.

There are independent sites such as trip advisor where clients rate the agents in terms of quality of services offered. The testimonials do provide a personalised assessment in many cases. It would also make sense ensure that the agent you choose has been in the business for some years at least and have handled clients from across the globe.

But of the course the best way to choose an agent to manage your holiday is word of mouth and if you have anyone you know who has travelled to Bhutan best to get a first hand account on a Bhutan tour company.

Top 5 Bhutan Tourist Places You Must Visit

If talking about Bhutan, one might imagine that monks are very numerous because 75% of the population are Buddhists. However, what is so interesting about Bhutan? Here are some of the must-see attractions in Bhutan.

Top 5 Bhutan Tourist Places You Must Visit

5 Bhutan Tourist Places You Must Visit

1. Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Tiger’s Nest Monastery hangs on a cliff and stands on a stunning blue forest of pine and rhododendrons. To go to one of Asia’s most beautiful temples , you can ride a pony, but only until the canteen. From there, you must walk on a steep path and a few narrow stairs to the monastery itself. You can enjoy the view of the Paro valley from here. This place is where Guru Rinpoche brought Buddhism to Bhutan.

2. Punakha Dzong

Punakha Dzong is the second oldest and second largest dzong in Bhutan. This place is also known as Pungthang Dewachen Phodrang (Palace of Great Happiness). Punakha is accessible 3 hours drive east of the Thimpu capital, and after crossing the mountains, you can see the stunning scenery. Dzong is located between two rivers, Pho Chu (male) and Mo Chu (female) which has a striking water color difference. Also, Dzong is connected to the mainland through a curved wooden bridge that has many precious relics from the rulers who once ruled here.

3. Zuri Dzong

Peak Zuri Dzong is the perfect place to enjoy the whole view of the valley of Paro. Here there is also Zuri Dzong, the oldest dzong in Bhutan. In addition, there is also a cave where the Buddha came to meditate in the 8th century. Tourists can enjoy the serenity in this place. The journey takes about 30 minutes if someone starts from the tower museum, and an extra hour to get out to Uma.

4. Gangtey Valley

The Gangtey Valley is one of the most amazing valleys in the Himalayas, and many call it the Shangri-La of Bhutan. You can find flat valleys without trees after passing through and climbing a dense forest. The journey you have to go is through Gogona and Khotokha, past pastures and fields, then juniper forests, magnolias and rhododendrons, which will bloom in full in April. You can also visit Gangtey history monastery In addition, there will be a special present for those who visit Gangtey during the winter, as they will be able to catch Cranes black neck that is perched.

5. Dochu La Pass

Dochu La Pass with a prayer flag flying around the Himalayas, will make your day feel wonderful. Visit the Temple of Drukwangyal Lhakhang and 108 chortens, built by Queen Mother Ashi Dorji Wangchuck Wangmo in honor of the Bhutanese soldiers killed when fighting Indian rebels in 2003.

12 Most Beautiful Shrine in Asia You Must Visit

Asia is the warehouse of the temple, whether it be by temple, temple, wat, or temple. To uniform, in this article will be referred to as a temple only. Here are some of the most beautiful temples in Asia that you should visit.

12 Most Beautiful Shrine in Asia You Must Visit

1. Sri Sivan, Singapore

This temple is an important Hindu Hindu temple in Singapore where people pray and make daily offerings. The temple was opened in 1850. Originally, located in Cut Sand, the temple was later moved to Geylang.

2. Temple of Heaven, Beijing , China

Temple of Heaven, or Altar of Heaven, was built in the early 1400s. This temple is often visited by emperors of Ming and Qing to pray twice a year, in order to get a good harvest.

3. Sree Padmanabhaswamy, India

This temple is a Vedic temple built by kings who reigned in the 16th century, to Lord Vishnu. This temple is a temple with the most precious stones and gold, and recorded in Guinness World Records.

4. Borobudur, Magelang, Indonesia

Borobudur, located in Magelang, Central Java , is one of the oldest temples in the world. Built in the 9th century by Javanese Buddhist architects, this temple has 72 statues of Buddha with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues around it. Borobudur is also the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

5. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat is the largest temple complex in the world. Originally established as a Hindu temple, the temple was eventually converted into a Buddhist temple in the 12th century.

6. Temple of Bacchus, Lebanon

Temple of Bacchus, also known as the Temple of the Sun, was built around 150 CE by the Romans to the god of wine, Bacchus. It is one of the best Roman temples in the world and is a World Heritage site.

7. Kek Lok Si, Air Itam, Malaysia

Kek Lok Si is one of the largest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia, covering 10 acres of land. Inside the temple complex is a seven-story pagoda with 10,000 alabaster and bronze Buddha statues. The temple also has a statue of Kuan Yin as high as 30.2 meters.

8. Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wat Chedi Luang is a Buddhist temple built in the 14th century as the burial place of King Saen Muang Ma’s father. The area has three temples: Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Ho Tham and Wat Sukmin.

9. Jogyesa, South Korea

Jogyesa is a Korean temple of Zen Buddhism located in the heart of Seoul. In this temple, tourists can find Sakyamuni Buddha statue. In this temple is also held Lotus Lantern Festival every May, to celebrate Buddha’s birthday.

10. Paro Taktsang Monastery, Bhutan

Takstang Monastery also known as Tiger Nest Monastery, is a Himalayan Buddhist temple located on the cliffs of the Paro Valley in Bhutan.

11. Shwedagon, Yangon, Myanmar

Shwedagon is a gold-plated temple that stands 325 feet in on Singuttara Hill. The temple was built in the 6th century by the people of Mon. The temple has 5,448 diamonds and 2,374 rubies.

12. Chion-in, Kyoto, Japan

Chion-in, a Buddhist temple in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan, was established between 1133 to 1212. One popular feature is the flooring of the nightingale, which tells citizens when people walk along the corridor. Metal rods under floor boards rub against each other when there is pressure, which helps detect intruders.

Asian architecture [hindu & china] – Art Appreciation from Charmaine

12 Interesting Facts About Bhutan and Its Photographs

Bhutan is a small country in South Asia in the form of Kingdom and is known as the Land of the Dragon of Thunder. Its territory is squeezed between India and the People’s Republic of China. The local name of this country is Druk Yul, meaning “Dragon Country”. The nagapun image is found on its flag. Because of its beauty, it is called Shangri-La last. The following is a unique and interesting fact about Bhutan and his photograph.

1. The original name is Druk Yul

The local name of this country is Druk Yul, meaning “Dragon Country”. The nagapun image is found on its flag.

2. The Bhutanese name comes from Sanskrit

‘Bhutan’ may be derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Bhu-Uttan भू-उत्थान)’ which means ‘High Land’. In another Sanskritanan theory, ‘Bhots-ant भोट-अन्त’ means ‘Tibetan end’ or ‘south of Tibet’. But some Bhutanese call their country ‘Druk Yul’ and its inhabitants ‘Drukpa’. The name Dzongkha (and Tibet) for this country is ‘Druk Yul’ (Dragon Land of Thunder).

3.Bahasanya is a Tibetan language family

The national language is Dzongkha, one of 53 languages ​​in the Tibetan language family. His writing, called Chhokey (“Dharma Language”), is identical with Tibetan writing. The government grouped 19 related languages ​​there as a dialect of the Dzongkha language. Lepcha is spoken in western Bhutan; Tshangla, a close relative of Dzongkha, is spoken extensively in the east. Khengkha is spoken in the middle of Bhutan. Nepali language spoken extends to the south. In English school is instruction medium and Dzongkha is taught as official language. Ethnologue lists twenty-four languages ​​now spoken in Bhutan, all from the Tibetan-Burmese family, except Nepal, an Indo-Aryan language. The languages ​​in Bhutan are still not well-founded, and some have not been recorded in the academic grammar. English also has an official position now.

4.Mempunyai currency whose name is quite strange

Ngultrum is the currency of Bhutan. Ngltrum has been the currency of Bhutan since 1974. Ngultrum is divided into 100 chhertum. Its value is synchronized with the Indian Rupee.

5. The majority of his religion is the Buddha

Although Bhutan is a South Asian country, the majority religion is not Hindu, but Tibetan Buddhism.

6. The Happiest Country in the World though very poor

Bhutan is referred to as the “Shangrilla at the foot of the Himalayas” which 97% of the people consider themselves to be very happy. It is not the happiness that comes from the satisfaction of the lusts of the mortal world, but comes from the faith and the concept of know-enough.Orang Bhutan thinks that real poverty is if not able charity to others, they are very satisfied as long as have paddy and house.

Because they are Buddhists, they do not kill soul beings, which is why they import meat from India. Nevertheless on the dining table rarely seen any kind of meat, but eating vegetables or dairy products has made them satisfied.

The experience of Bhutan’s happiness comes from Jigme Singye Wangchuck IV, the former king who did not prioritize economic development but founded a happy state as his mandate of office, with equality, concern and ecology concept of transforming Bhutan into a great country in terms of happiness.

In 2005, Bhutan became the focus of major media outlets around the world, its “Bhutanese Model”, the Gross National Happiness (GNH) theory which he proposed to receive close attention to the international community and become the subject of economics lessons studied by experts and research institutes of countries such as the US , Japan and others. The concept of “new” in the view of developed countries in the 21st century, in Bhutan has been quietly run for almost 30 years.

The so-called “Model Bhutan” is concerned with a balanced development of matter and spirituality, protection of the environment and protection of traditional culture laid on economic development, the standard for measuring development is the Gross National Happiness (GNH).

7.He is above the Himalayas

If we see Bhutan on the map, it will be seen that the whole of Bhutan is on a fairly high plateau.

8. Only 8 pilots who controlled Bandar Udara

As quoted from page, because of the dangerous landing process at this airport, only 8 pilots in the world who qualify. As of July 2011, there was only one airline allowed to use this facility, Druk Air. The length of this airport track is known only 6,500 feet. This makes the Paro Airport one of the shortest airports on the sea. The aircraft that will land in this region should try hard through the dozens of homes scattered on the side of the mountain with the height of the roof is quite looming. Blowing strong winds along the hill, often causing turbulence on the fuselage. The passengers who once had experience crossing the airport dubbed it the most terrible landing.

9.Many fortress and temples are still maintained architecture

Lots of very beautiful architectural forts still standing. These forts are called Dzong in the local language. Photos of many of these Dzong are below.

10. Leaders are very aware and low self

Governments run by absolute monarchy power ended when the new constitution and the prime ministerial elections were held. King Jigme Singye Wangchuck who leads since 1972 announced the holding of elections in 2008, as well as the throne. The announcement was made before 8,000 yak shepherds, monks, farmers, and rural students on December 18, 2005. The announcement was distributed through the daily Kuensel. Previously, the king introduced the draft constitution and declared retirement at the age of 65 years. On this idea, some people did not agree because they were afraid of corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN) practices, but in 2006 the king resigned and was replaced by his son.

11.History of Bhutan is missing

The early history of Bhutan is unclear, as most of the records have been destroyed after the fires in Punakha, the ancient capital in 1827. From the 10th century, Bhutan’s political development was heavily influenced by his religious history. Various children of Buddhist sects emerged that were protected by various Mongol and Tibetan maharaja. After the collapse of the Mongols in the 14th century, the sects competed with each other for supremacy in political and religious landscapes, eventually leading to the rise of the Drukpa sect boy in the late 16th century.

Until the seventeenth century, Bhutan existed as a belligerent fiefdom until united by the old Tibet and military leader Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. To defend his country from the Tibetan intermittent overthrow, Namgyal built an unbeatable dzong network, and announced a code of law that helped bring local kings under centralized control. Many of the dzong are still there. After Namgyal’s death in 1651, Bhutan fell into an anarchist atmosphere. Taking advantage of the turmoil, the Tibetans attacked Bhutan in 1710, and returned in 1730 with the help of the Mongols. Both attacks were thwarted, and a ceasefire was signed in 1759.

12.Emonomy of Bhutan

Despite being one of the smallest in the world, Bhutan’s economy has grown rapidly by around 8% in 2005 and 14% in 2006. As of March 2006, Bhutan’s per capita income was US $ 1,321 making it the highest in South Asia. Bhutan’s standard of living is growing and is one of the best in South Asia.

Bhutan’s economy is one of the smallest and least developed in the world, based on agriculture, forestry, and the sale of hydropower to India. Agriculture provides livelihoods for over 80% of the population. The agrarian practice consists mainly of subsistence farming and animal farming. Handicrafts, especially sewing and religious art production for home altars are small industries owned by the people and sources of income. Different scenery from rugged hill-ranges makes road construction and other infrastructure difficult and expensive. This, and the absence of access to the sea, caused Bhutan to never be able to profit from the significant trade of its products. Bhutan currently has no railway, although Indian Railways plans to connect southern Bhutan with its extensive network under an agreement signed in January 2005. [2] The past trading routes between the Himalayan mountains, which link India to Tibet, have been closed since the military takeover of Tibet in 1959 (though smuggling continues to carry Chinese goods to Bhutan).

8 Important Tips Before Taking Pets While Traveling to Bhutan

Travelers, believe not if traveling with a pet is more fun? Well, at least, according to Hartz, a pet food product, says 45 percent of the owners are happy if they can vacation together with their pet.

No wonder hell, but it can make your stress less, you can replace the time togetherness lost because of activity. Yes, the counts of repayment to your pets who have been waiting faithfully at home every day.

It looks really complicated. Starting from the equipment before leaving until the anticipation of various complaints from public transport crews such as trains and planes.

But calm, Pegipegi have important tips about traveling with a beloved pet. Check it out


The first thing you should do is determine whether your holiday destination fits well with your beloved pets. You will not be able to take a pet while travelinginvolving mountain climbing. Worse, if you take him in a state of pain, it would be sad.

Do not forget also to do a little research if the destination you go to have a ban on carrying animals what not. At least, let you and your pet calm down and not worry all the way.


This thing I think you must do before leaving, deh. You should see what kind of pet you are going to take. You can not carry a fish tank that is a favorite fish, bird cage with white pigeon or snake!

Do not push your pet to a place that does not fit the physical condition. For example, you force a Siberian Husky type dog into a hot tropical destination.

In essence, you have to be self-conscious before traveling with pets. Of course, for your safety, beloved pets and others.


Remember the case of Justin Bieber who was arrested airport officers in Germany because his pet does not have documents? Do not let the incident, deh, with you.

The documents in question include documents of animal ownership to your animal health documents. Make sure, everything you bring if you do not want to deal with the authorities ya.


If you have a cat or dog, be sure to bring a pet cargo . Its small size does look uncomfortable anyway. But it is very useful if you want traveling together beloved pets.

About materials, almost all pet cargo made from plastic. But, you can also modify the tablets by adding a pillow so that your pet is comfortable during the trip as well as a favorite toy so do not fuss.


If your pet is first time traveling , you should be better prepared, especially about food, medicine and vitamins. Make sure the food he consumes during traveling is the same as what he eats everyday. If not, he will be stressed and sick that must make you complicated.

Also available medicines from veterinarians and vitamins because you may not be able to find a suitable veterinarian in a tourist destination. Better Anticipation!


Not all hotels in tourist destinations allow you to bring animals. So, all you have to do when booking is to ask about pet service.

Many hotels in this world have started providing such services. They do not just allow you to bring pets into the hotel room, but also provide special treatment forhim.


Important but often forgotten. You must bring a neck chain, especially if your pet is a dog and a cat. Not forever do you have to carry him during the trip or silent in pet cargo only.

With a neck chain, you can control the movement of your beloved pet. Moreover, if the destination of the destination you have a field that is not easy to pass.

In addition, you can bring the tag ID for your pet along with the identity of the owner, at least the phone number. So, if one day he disappears, you will not be hard to find. Necklace identity is also useful when you travel by plane, as the marker is your animal.


Each animal has the capacity to adapt to a different new atmosphere. Not only that, the provisions would be very different and no one should miss.

So, before traveling with pets, you should consult with a veterinarian subscription deh. Make sure if your animal will not get seasick while aboard, lost awareness while flying or stress when trapped in a traffic jam with a car.

Especially for dogs, because they have a big moving instinct, you have to make sure your plane or boat is comfortable. Moreover, you are also not allowed to bring your pet cargo into the main cabin.

Top 7 Vacation Tips Alone in Bali

Bali is always interesting to be a tourist destination. But usually, to travel there with friends or family is much more exciting than alone.

If you remember the movie Eat Pray Love , actually done Julia Robert can also you practice, really !

There are some things you need to consider when going to adventure alone on the Island of the Gods.

Here are the Vacation Tips Alone in Bali

First , if you do not really like to be alone, choose a place to stay that is close from the crowd. Access to bars, pubs, restaurants, beaches, to shopping centers will be easy to reach . In addition, transport to take to certain places is also relatively easy. You will be more free to enjoy the time without feeling lonely and difficulty.

But if you are the type of seeker of tranquility, better navigate the options at the inn that is far from everywhere. Can choose a hotel or resort located deep within the forest, or close to the mountains.There you can enjoy the solitude and escape from the tired and fuss of the city in total.

Second , bring spare money for unforeseen needs. Although this should be done every trip, but in Bali will be a lot of unplanned affairs that require you to get out of money. Many new destinations that you suddenly want to visit. Many new stores or eating places that make you hungry eyes. Be prepare !For many  leisure places that provide a standard tourist price even for local travelers.

Third,  if fluent in English, bargain the price of goods you want in traditional markets using English.This needs to be done because many sellers are more cheap to foreign tourists than domestic visitors.

Fourth,  learn the area where you will stay. So once you arrive, you already know where to go and what to ride. The effectiveness of time is needed if you want to spend a vacation alone but with multiple goals at once.

Fifth , it would be better if able to bring the vehicle. So when the time comes, you can directly rent a motorcycle or car to get here and there. Indeed using online vehicle applications is helpful. But the fall is far more expensive than rendering one transport for a full day or more.

Sixth , the seeker of tranquility will prefer to walk to destinations that promote the beauty of nature, the variety of culture, and away from the frenetic. Go to the original villages around Ubud, Bedugul, or Tabanan. There you can venture while meeting with the locals and talking about whatever you want. More rich in meaning and not just having fun.

Seventh , prepare mentally! If you really want to be alone, then do not be sad when you see many couples make love spread across the island. Bali is full of romance. So as much as possible, try not to get carried away feeling and atmosphere. If you already hit the baper , then the essence of me time will be messy. Trust me!

Better keep busy with the things you like and hard to do when you’re stuck in a routine. For example try bungee jumping , exercise paragliding at Uluwatu, shopping until satisfied, and so forth. That way, the desire for romance was muffled by itself.