About us

I continually advised my pals I would paintings any task six months 12 months if I ought to travel the other six. journey AND save: my two favored matters. I stored all 12 months in college to spend my summers backpacking in Europe, or my winter having Christmas alone in Africa.

I grew up in a small city in Ohio, in a near knit own family of four. My dad labored at preferred automobiles and my mother is a unique training aid. I have one older brother (I’m hoping him and his wife pop out a few infants soon to take the stress off me).

I’ve been lucky enough to have some of the same friends since preschool, perk of being from a small metropolis. high faculty become a blur of soccer, studies, and entering into lots of secret trouble at the weekends.

college was typical, plenty of partying, running, and looking to observe (however now not sincerely). It turned into the summer time between my sophomore and junior 12 months that I started to genuinely consider the direction in which I wanted my existence to move. I spent summers backpacking a touch in Europe, and one month in Uganda my senior yr.

someway, in spite of all the splendid matters and people that my existence had blessed me with; I knew that something was missing. I knew in my heart that I belonged many of the wildflowers, I belonged somewhere that I could experience loose (Tom Petty, my favorite track of all time).

Upon graduating with honors as a Nurse I moved on from OSU to Charlotte, NC where after eleven months of cardiac care I used to be ready for retirement. manifestly it hadn’t taken lengthy for me to recognize the “actual world” and I didn’t click. So I chose to create my very own reality.

I selected the arena on the street, living out of my backpack, eating street food and getting $4 massages…over the world wherein I’m slightly breaking even to pay hire and traumatic approximately finding vehicle coverage inclined to take on three rushing tickets.

I desired to experience a camel & climb a mountain. It becomes as easy as that. I didn’t need to waste any time. I prompt for India for a three-month solo experience. I met the love of my life…in a bar, in southern India.