List of Mosques in Europe is Very Beautiful

There are many European tourist destinations you can visit, one of which is a beautiful European mosque full of Islamic history.

It is undeniable that Islam became the most religious followers in the world. Islam has spread throughout the world, including the heart of Europe. At a glance about the history of Islam, Islamic civilization once spread to Spain through Africa, the Middle East, as well as Asia. No wonder if you bepegian to any country, would find Muslims. Although the majority of Muslims in Europe are not as numerous as in Asia or in the Middle East, but there are some beautiful European mosques that have been scattered throughout Europe.

List of Mosques in Europe is Very Beautiful

Here’s the list Mosques in Europe

Great Mosque of Cordoba, Spain

The Great Mosque of Cordoba is one of the historic mosques and has a beautiful architecture in Spain. Location pesisnya in the Andalusian Peninsula. History itself, this mosque was built in the 7th century which formerly the City of Cordoba is included in the power of Islam. But once, this mosque is a cathedral that provides beautiful scenery that can not be found in other mosques. Besides still used as a place of worship, the mosque in Europe has become one of the tourist attraction visited by tourists.

Tombul Mosque, Bulgaria

Bulgeria also has a beautiful and historic mosque. The mosque is located in Shumen City was dibenggung 1744 which has another name of the Mosque Sheriff Halil Pasha. Although Bulgeria is not a Muslim country, but this mosque is a landmark of the pride of the citizens of Bulgeria. In addition, one of the mosques in Europe is also a witness to the triumph of the Ottoman Empire Turkey to the country of Bulgaria.

Sehitlik Moschee, Germany

Sehitlik Moschee including one of the mosques in Europe that has a beautiful architecture. The mosque is located in Berlin and was built since 1999 on the land possessed communist Turkish immigrants given since the Kingdom of Prussia. Although in Berlin has many old buildings, but Sehitlik Moschee including one of the religious tourism destinations visited by many foreign tourists. Until now, this mosque is still functioning as a place of worship of Muslims by accommodating the capacity of 1,500 people. Sehitlik Moschee is still often celebrate the big day of Islam.

Grand Mosque of Paris, France

The next mosque in Europe is the Grand Mosque located in France. The mosque was built in 1926 as a thank-you from the French state to Muslims who fought against the German forces in the First World War. The Grand Mosque of Paris is the largest mosque in Western Europe with a very grand building and typical Alhambra architecture adopted from the Moor. If you want a holiday to France, do not forget to visit this super beautiful mosque.

London Central Mosque, England

Founded in 1977, this mosque is included in a mosque in Europe that has extraordinary beauty. London Central Mosque is located in the capital city of England so it’s easy for you to visit. This mosque mash operate as a place of worship of Muslims. You can worship at the same time perpetuate the beauty of this mosque by taking pictures.

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